The graphics are soo belle!! all showing different emotions. I love!

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Yaawnn….. so you’ve woken up early. You probably have that seven o clock class. Or you have that meeting with your boss that you have to make whatever the circumstance is. You could probably be travelling or just have to finish writting that history paper that is due that very same day. Whatever the reason is, you know deep inside that you REALLY dont feel like waking up that early… but you have to.Your spouse whispers in a sexy sleepy voice..”Honey, just cuddle 5 more minutes. That’s all.Please”. You look at them and think “I REALLY want to, but telling me to cuddle 5 more minutes is not helping at all.”

Then you drag your feet off the bed and start walking to the bathroom. The bed trips you and you fall down cursing the poor bed. You walk to the bathroom and lather your body up with soap. If you are a girl…or boy(no discrimination),this was probably your wash day(that day you’ve set aside to wash and treat your hair with that apple scented shampoo and conditioner)so your hair is all white with foam. You turn on the shower and ….NO WATER!! Or ..you are there rinsing yourself off and your spouse or roommate or sibling comes into the bathroom for a short call and flashes the loo while you are taking a shower… BURN!! So in the long run, you probably leave the bathroom with a scald or live the rest of the day smelling of soap and having a bad hair day.

You cant find just the right clothes to wear. It’s either too official, too casual, too bright, too dull, too old, too short or you’ve worn it one too many times. So you end up wearing that suit or that dress that is statched up at the back of your wordrobe for ages. And you feel so unsexy and not handsome and cheap. You check the time and ,..you only have 30 minutes to leave the house if you dont want to be late. But i’ve not done my make-up…But i’ve not taken breakfast… i’ve not done this or that….

You apply your make up in a rush, and after you’re done, you look like Taylor Momsen on her makeup disaster.You dont have time to redo it, so you just have to deal with it and hope everyone else is blind or just lacks taste for makeup. You look at your spouse sleeping or your roommate and you just feel like aargh!why me??? And you ask them, “Honey,how do I look?” and they just turn to the other side and in the same sleepy voice, reply “Good. You’ve never looked better bae!”

You look at the watch and you are already late. Breakfast can wait…..FOR TOMMOROW!!! You dont have time to sit down and act like queen Elizabeth taking tea…and if at all you end up taking breakfast, you’re gonna look like some crazy person gobbling down food…and probably pouring a major part of it on her/his clothes. So you walk out and start walking to your destination. You can tell people are looking at you like crazy… and you feel like covering your face with your hands but you just walk on. Finally, when you are miles away from the house, you realise your shoes are different….colourwise, design-wise and everything-wise. SH***!! Thats why peoiple are looking at me!! As if the shame is not enough, some dude or chic or old man or woman passes you by and is like “Dude/ chic… your fly is open!” Oh the shame! You had probably worn your worst undies …

You just have to make it to your destination on time or you are screwed…So, no time for going back to the house.Soldier on!!! ………………